Beverly M. Lubin,
554 S. San Vicente Blvd., #204
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Therapy is for Everyone

Therapy is for you if you are experiencing repeated problematic relationships, unhappy family dynamics, or an unfulfilling job situation. Therapy is for you if you have that feeling of being lost, confused, depressed or unfulfilled... trapped and without options. Therapy is for you if you feel like life is passing you by and you're not where you expected or want to be.

We all get stuck at some points in our lives. The trick is to acknowledge when that happens and find ways to get unstuck. Even the smartest and most introspective person has only their own point of view...we don't know what we don't know.  And well-meaning though they may be, friends and family have their own personal points of view and opinions.  Yet a skilled  professional, objective, empathic and supportive, can guide you to your own truth. Whatever the circumstances, through our work together you will gain access to those skills that help you open doors that can lead from suffering into possibility. 

My work is guided by a belief in the unity of being: mind/body/emotion/
I do psychotherapy and life skills coaching for individual adults and teens, couples, families and groups in Los Angeles,
CA, and offer therapeutic techniques for emotional healing and self-mastery. 

As emotional residue and trauma are cleared from the body and psyche, you will experience shifts in the way you participate in your life through heightened self-image and self-confidence.  You may experience improved relationships, greater abundance, and improved health.  Hopefully, there will be more moments of contentment and joy.

I specialize in the practice of mindfulness and somatic mind/body healing therapies including principles of the Art of Allowing.  My clinical orientations include but are not limited to:  spiritual psychology, body-centered psychotherapy and mind/body healing therapies, psychodynamic, brief therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, drama therapy, humanistic psychotherapy, object relations and self psychology.