Beverly M. Lubin,
554 S. San Vicente Blvd., #204
Los Angeles, CA 90048

My Approach
My approach to therapy is based on the unity of being, mind/body/ emotion/spirit. Through the use of mindfulness, insight, visualization, breath work, trance states, present-centered focus and mind/body healing exercises, we redirect the client's energies from the purely cognitive to the sub-conscious and intuitive in order to activate physiological and psychological energies that create powerful states of mind.  In this way, we facilitate awareness of inner resources, leading to insight, healing and heightened sense of Self.  Integrating principles of the Art of Allowing/Abraham-Hicks, clients become able to access their power to create, moment by moment, that which they desire.

I work on all levels with all clients at whatever pace and style suit them.  We work collaboratively, each person connecting to their own source of inner wisdom in the process of healing. I work in person or via telephone or internet with individuals, couples, families and adolescents.  I have lead groups aimed at self-care and weight loss.

Specialties include but are not limited to:
  • connecting to personal spirituality, creativity and inner wisdom
  • dealing with cancer or long-term illness
  • health/weight loss and self-care support
  • women and men in life transition
  • long-term depression and anxiety
  • adolescence
  • cross-cultural relationships
  • relationship issues
  • creative stuckness

As emotional residue and trauma are cleared from the body and psyche, you will experience shifts in the way you participate in your life through heightened self-image and self-confidence.  You will experience improved relationships, more moments of contentment and joy, and access to greater abundance and improved health. 

I draw from a variety of experiences:    

*  Training in various therapeutic modalities, including mindfulness and trance, mind/body somatic healing therapies, energy work, visualization,  Ericksonian Hypnosis, along with more traditional psychotherapeutic schools
*  Classical clinical training includes but is not limited to:  Gestalt Therapy, Relational, Intersubjective, Person Centered, Object Relations, Cognitive-Behavioral, Self Psychology, and short term dynamic psychotherapies
*  Background and training in drama, improvisation, yoga, meditation, creative writing, qi gong, tai chi, breath work, art, Reiki
*  My own life experiences
*  Experience as a Therapist with individual adults and teens, couples, families and groups
*  I have trained directly with Ronald Alexander, Ph.D., creator of OpenMind Training.  OpenMind Training is a unique method of mind/body healing that integrates the wisdom teachings of the east, and western psychology.  OpenMind Training provides instruction in meditation and mind/body healing from both a psychological and spiritual perspective.  The focus is on the practice, experience and benefits of this work for self-healing in daily life.