Beverly M. Lubin,
554 S. San Vicente Blvd., #204
Los Angeles, CA 90048

About Bev

I believe each person has their own unique life path. 

I believe we all have the ability to discover the meaning that path holds for us, and the inner wisdom to follow that path into self-actualization.

I believe this is the ultimate purpose of our life, and our highest goal.


I understand the bumpy roads of life!
  We often have plans and goals that are good goals, yet somehow we get sidetracked from them. 

Having lived in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, I had active careers in theater and community redevelopment before finding my way back to an early dream of being a Therapist.  Following my instinct to attend the University of Santa Monica, I realized another of my dreams…to explore and develop my spiritual Self. I am truly grateful to have found that school and the path along which it led me.


I worked as a therapist in a group home for teenage boys. I loved my work there and remained for several years until offered a position as Clinical Director at an outpatient community rehabilitation organization in San Pedro, CA.  There, I enjoyed supervising counselors, while leading family sessions and individual sessions with teens.  This work gave me a sense of fulfillment and great satisfaction.  Since that time, I have enjoyed a thriving private practice and was featured therapist on a television series, Chelsea Settles.  


I have seen other dreams come into fruition as well.  My husband and I met in a comedy group and have been happy together for 31 years!  That number shocks both of us, but we have earned the longevity as we worked through many personal issues together.  Our relationship has been an incredibly rewarding journey, and we are extremely grateful to have had these years together.

In October 2007 I realized another long-standing dream of traveling to the Himalayas.  My husband and I credit the awesomeness and spiritual intensity of this experience as part of what pulled us through a challenging time.  
In November of 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage I Lymphoma Cancer. Our spirituality and positive beliefs helped us move through this experience one day at a time with relative grace. Since then, I have focused on redefining and rebuilding body, mind and spirit.

Which led Mark and I to leave our home in 2012, sell our belongings, and travel for ten months through the UK, New York and other parts of the US living on our wits and creativity.  Cancer made it clear to me that life could be surprising...we don't always know what's coming next, so we'd better enjoy our lives now.  We felt the need to experience "living on the edge," and we did and we loved it!

Through these experiences, I learned to be patient, positive and powerful!
 I also learned to:

  • relax and enjoy the moment 
  • have fun
  • trust in the universe to support me
  • trust in myself as Creative Source Energy
  • love myself and others more
  • appreciate everything I have
  • appreciate everything I have accomplished
  • appreciate others' uniqueness
  • be more compassionate 
  • be awestruck at the beauty that surrounds us each day 

I received a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in Santa Monica, California.  I have studied directly with Ronald Alexander, Ph.D., creator and developer of OpenMind Training, a unique method of mind/body healing that integrates the wisdom teachings of the east, and western psychology. I have utilized Gang Awareness Training in my work with teens, and Drama Therapy while volunteering in maximum-security prisons and in work with criminally psychotic patients at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. In 2004, I was co-founder of the Pacific Institute of Cross-Cultural Learning, an organization dedicated to healing divides in cross-cultural relationships. I have studied and taught yoga, stress management, breath work, meditation, qi gong, tai chi, energy work, communication skills, dance, drama, improvisation and theater games.

Clinical Member, California Association of Marriage and Family
Clinical Member, Los Angeles chapter, CAMFT

Co-Founder, The Pacific Institute of Cross-Cultural Learning

My office is in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles.


Payment:  cash, check, credit card through Pay Pal